Life Can't Wait

When you're two people, making a decision to liveaboard and sail is much simplier. When you add kids to the equation, things get a little interesting. Questions about their safety come up first.You're determined for them to learn how to swim. You consider their comfort, their socialization, their fears, etc. It's not just about you and your partner anymore. You're in charge of keeping your most prescious ones alive. It is not a light decision to make, but as you do your research, you'll learn that it is absolutely rewarding thing to do. Sailing with kids can be hard on the parents and the kids, but when you start sailing while they are really young, it's all they know. You can wait until they are all grown up, by then you'll be much older. Your kids may not even want to be around you any more, much less sail with you. People look at us crazy when they see us traveling with babies and tell us we should wait. We tell them " Life cannot wait". We would rather live now, while we can, than wait until we can't.  

SV Hatchi and It's Crew

Introducing our beautiful Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41. Our crazy family of four live aboard and explore the world by sea. We immerse ourselves in different cultures, their food, music and art. Come and join us on our sailing journey. Happy Sailing!

Periodically, we make videos of the kids having all sorts of fun on Hatchi. Playing with toys, having fun on the boat, in the water, etc. On Kais and Lila's youtube channel, you'll find these boat kids having fun. Check them out!

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It Is Possible.