About Our Crew

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Meet the Crew

Maik: The Captain

Maik is a mechanical engineer from Germany. It was his dream of owning a boat that brought us to this point. While everyone thought he was mad as a hatter to live in a tiny space with a family and travel the world, he didn’t let their skepticism keep him from pursuing his vision. 

He has previous experience with boats through the military in Germany, but it wasn’t until he moved to the US that he purchased his first motorboat, then monohull and finally, our current home- Hatchi. 

Maik loves to spend time with his family, he loves to cook and clean around the boat, and participate in water sports. He is also a wonderful husband and a person you can count on to get anything done.

Alexandra: The Admiral

Alexandra is a Nurse Practitioner. She moved to the US at the age of nine from Haiti and grew up in North Carolina. 

When Alexandra met Maik in NC over 10 years ago. She didn’t think Maik’s dream of living in a tiny space and raising a family was such a crazy idea. In fact, she was pretty excited about it. 

Although she gets terribly seasick while underway, she cherishes her time on the boat with her family. She takes every opportunity to assist Maik in sailing and maintaining Hatchi. She has taken several sailing courses through RYA and is continually building on her sailing skills. 

Kais: Deckhand & Mechanic

Kais is our 4-year old “deckhand and mechanic”. He absolutely loves being on the boat. He is a true boat kid. He cannot keep clothes on himself and prefers to be in the water 24/7. He goes around helping the Captain when ever there’s boat work. He will retrieve any tools necessary to get the job done. He loves washing the boat and making sure everything is in order. 

Whenever we are away from Hatchi for too long, Kais will be the first to remind us to get back home. He is quick to tell you- “I live in a boat, not a house”, with a huge smile on his face. 

When Kais was much younger, he would go into one of those uncontrollable and contagious bubbly laughters every time one of us sneezed. He would follow it with this long, “Haaaachiii” sound and thus- the name Hatchi came to be. 

Kais is also a great big brother and protector of his little sister Lila and his puppy Luna.

Lila: Deckhand & Entertainer

Lila is our 2-year old little butterfly. She is headstrong, feisty and acts so much older than her age. Everything Kais does, she does, but she never wants help doing it. Little miss independent; she must do everything on her own.

She loves to sing- constantly! She also helps her mama and papa with cleaning and cooking. She loves passing out clothespins to hang clothes to dry on laundry days. Most of all, she can spot trash in the water from a mile away. She comes screaming when ever she sees trash so that we can remove it out and gets upset when we’re unable to. 

Lila was born on Hatchi, so she is truly a boat kid. She also loves the water and swims like a mermaid. Her favorite pet is Luna. 

Luna: The Water Dog

Luna is a new addition to our family. She is a pure bred poodle puppy, just 9 weeks old. She has already fallen in the water twice and showed off her swimming skills. She is getting used to her new home and is learning quick where her potty place is. 

She loves her mama, papa, brother and sister. Luna is ready for the adventures ahead and is eager to be our family’s little protector.