Boat Show Treasures: Relion Batteries, Night Vision Camera and More Ep. 4

What more can you ask for from great boat shows? From Annapolis, MD to Fort Lauderdale, FL, there are awesome deals to find at boat shows. Watch us unbox our Relion Lithium batteries and attend the Fort-Lauderdale International Boat show for a day of family fun. Happy sailing!

The COBB Grill

We bought the COBB grill to use on Hatchi to replace our MAGMA grill. We have the MAGMA grill attached to an extension on the starboard side of Hatchi. We do not like how fat and juices from food roll down the attachment and stain Hatchi. The MAGMA grill is also not big enough to make meals for 4 people. The COBB grill is one of the best purchases we have made so far. We have been able to grill steaks, veggies and bake pizzas on it so far. Check out our unboxing of this grill and be on the look out of our video testing it out. Happy sailing!

Spanish Wells, Bahamas

We did not expect to have such a great time on a tiny little town where there are only two main streets. Spanish Wells is a picturesque town. It is exactly what one would find on a post card. We imagine driving a car in this small down would feel strange since the roads are so narrow and it takes, at most, ten minutes to drive the circle that is the main road of the island. Although the town was very quiet, it didn't stop us from enjoying our time there. In this video you get a taste of the island life as we explore Spanish Wells. If you stop there with your boat, ask for Mike. He has private slips he rents behind his son's house. This will save you a ton, since the marina in Spanish Wells charges a pretty penny. Mike and his family are super friendly and helpful. Tell him, Maik and Alexandra with the two babies sent you. Happy sailing!

Putting up the Head Sail (Jib) in the Exuma, Bahamas Ep. 1

When it is the right time to put up the sails, Maik gets super excited. It's a big event here to see how fast we can go under sail. 14 knots was the most I have seen Hatchi go with just wind as it's power. Watch Maik put up the headsail on this short vide. Happy sailing!